About us

Jens and Angela Hanson, founders and board members of the climate protection NGO SaveClimate.Earth

The NGO SaveClimate.Earth is a climate protection organization that aims to pass on an intact nature to future generations. Therefore, we are committed to global climate justice, by establishing a system today

  • that enables a more responsible use of nature and its resources
  • reduces the global wealth and education gap
  • reduces the causes of climate and poverty migration.

The association pursues a society-wide approach, towards a significant change in consumer behavior and towards more climate-friendly products. This is achieved by the introduction of an ecological basic income in the CO2 currency "ECO" and the associated pricing of each thing with this separate resource currency. Because of the newly created transparency of CO2 consumption, more products and services that leave a smaller ecological footprint will be in demand. Limiting, rationing and personalizing climate gas emissions is probably the most effective way to enable climate targets to be met - and to do so in a holistic, equitable and liberal way.


Of course, implementing the ECO system is not an effortless enterprise. We are convinced that coping with the impacts of uncontrolled climate change will be far more difficult, and socially disastrous. Meeting our climate goals is a challenge we must rise to together in a collective effort. And only a truly effective blanket concept can master the situation for us now and the generations to come. We must act now. We must act effectively.

Our aim is to open public and political discussions on our climate concept, to hone it, expand on it and implement it in its existing or improved form. Only Nature can create perfection – we are continuously learning and refining our ECO concept. Your constructive ideas are most welcome.



We must understand that we cannot destroy the world, we can only destroy OUR world!


Jens Hanson

(1st chairman)

"Only through a critical mass of supporters, a relevant system change is possible!"

We are European Climate Pact Ambassador

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